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Products - Overview
July 15 2024

Our products include:

GlobeServer/FW The primary product of Digital Innovations, Inc. (in addition to the many services available) is the GlobeServer/FW - a multi-purpose firewall/email control system that is based on open-source components. This product has grown more useful to customers over the years, adding features like multi-GlobeServer clustering (bringing multiple remote offices together) and support for the award-winning Sophos Anti-virus software.
GlobeServer/MP GlobeServer/MP (multi-purpose) was created in response to customer requests. GlobeServer/MP is a more general purpose web/FTP/database server that is based upon the GlobeServer/FW base. It shares the same ease of installation, backup/restore support, etc. that the GlobeServer/FW is capable of.
FileCabinet FileCabinet is our easy-to-use file transfer product. It's as easy as entering a destination email and uploading a file. Once the file is uploaded, the recipient will get an email with a link for downloading. And.. you'll get an email letting you know that they got the file.
Job Applicant System The Job Applicant System is a database-driven job system that allows you to post jobs and receive applications. It is simple to use by both the adminstrators and the applicants !

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