Digital Innovations, Inc.
GlobeServer/FW - Antivirus
July 15 2024

Digital Innovations, Inc. is pleased to be a distributor of the Sophos Anti-virus scanning software. This is an optional GlobeServer/FW package that scans all of your incoming and outgoing email for viruses. You no longer have to worry about new viruses coming in through your email !!

* Incorporates the award-winning Sophos anti-virus solution seamlessly into your GlobeServer/FW email system.

* Anti-virus definition updates are provided immediately and automatically directly to your GlobeServer/FW - 24 hours a day. Catch many viruses before they start to spread into your network.

* Sender, Recipient, and Administrators are notified of a virus outbreak. The original attachment (with virus) is put into a quarantine area.

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